Tuesday, January 19, 2010


A day goes by

It feels that you’re the one

Time goes on

And it feels that love is at my door

But those feelings confuses.


You’re the moonlight in my memory

You’re the beeps in my heart

You’re the smile that holds me

You’re the shine in my morning

You’re the light in the night.


But for the moment, I glide away

That memory fades and beeps suddenly stop

The love hint, a fear that flows on my soul

All I see is pain and all I feel is hurt


Shields your love from the lies

That your heart tells and feels

Just walk around and leave me

Find someone who hurt you never

And will love you forever.


Someone who stays to whisper you in the morning shines

Someone who will hug and kiss you in the bright night

Someone who will care and who will be there

My heart has given up and I can’t be that someone.


The day will pass and the season may change

But the old days stays to remain

Though it hurts when we walk on our separate ways

Promises do, you’ll be still part of mine.

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